5 Simple Ways to Feel More Motivated

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March 21, 2023

5 Simple Ways to Feel More Motivated


Sometimes, you just don’t feel like doing anything.


A lack of motivation can make you want to curl up in bed and ignore everything except your favourite Netflix show.


But sometimes, it’s just not possible to take a break. So how can you stay motivated when it feels impossible?


Here at KMA Therapy, we know how frustrating a lack of motivation can be. For over 14 years, we’ve helped our clients figure out tools and strategies to keep their lives on track.


After reading this article, you’ll know what causes a lack of motivation, 5 ways to get motivated, and what to do when you need extra support.


What Causes a Lack of Motivation?


There are a number of reasons you might not feel motivated. Sometimes, you’re just having a bad day. Other times, an ongoing lack of motivation can be a sign of something more serious.

what causes a lack of motivation


A lack of motivation can be caused by:


  • Mental health issues, like anxiety and depression
  • Taking on too many tasks
  • A fear of commitment
  • A lack of real goals
  • Burnout


Sometimes, you need professional support to tackle a lack of motivation. But other times, a simple mindset shift can really help.


5 Reflection Questions to Help You Feel Inspired


Reflecting on these five questions can help you realign with your sense of motivation.


1. Do You Actually Want It?


We’re often chasing after goals simply because we feel like we should. But if the project you’re working toward isn’t something you actually want, it’s understandable that you won’t have the motivation to complete it.


It’s okay to change your mind and readjust your priorities – figure out what you do want, and let go of the things that don’t align.


Sometimes, though, there are things we can’t just let go of. It’s not so easy to simply walk away from a job because it’s not something you’re enjoying.


Incorporating more boundaries between your work and home life, while making time for fun, can help you stay motivated – even for tasks that are, well, boring.


2. What Are You Doing for Fun?


No matter how busy your day is, there are opportunities to do something fun for yourself.


Scheduling intentional time into your day for fun is a great way to give your brain a real break – and help it focus when you’re ready to get back to the task at hand.


If you’re extra pressed for time, try habit-stacking: doing something fun alongside a challenging task. Try listening to your favourite podcast while doing the laundry, or watching fun YouTube videos during your next workout.


3. Are You Burnt Out?


The phrase “you can’t pour from an empty cup” is a cliché – but it’s true.


If you don’t take the time to recharge, motivation will feel like a constant struggle.


Burnout happens when long-term stress leads you to feel emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausted. It can leave you with a sense of dread, and make it hard to care about your work life or your home life.


If you think you’re dealing with burnout, read Why Burnout is More Than Just Stress - And How to Fix it.


how to feel more motivated

4. Who Do You Admire?


When we don’t feel motivated, it can be hard to find new goals to work toward.


Still, you know yourself – you can recognize what you like and what you don’t.


Think of someone whose life you admire, and ask yourself these questions:


  • What do you like about their life?
  • What do they do for work?
  • What do they do for fun?


Then, see what parts of their daily routine you can incorporate into yours.

Sure, most of our lives won’t look the same as the aesthetic “day in the life” videos we see online. But what elements can you incorporate into your own life?


5. Who Are You Spending Time with?


We are a product of the people we surround ourselves with.


Spending a lot of time around people who drain your energy will leave you feeling tired and unmotivated.


Finding people who share your interests or who have similar goals can be a great way to boost your motivation.


Even grabbing a friend and heading to a coffee shop to do work together can be inspiring on days when you’re in a rut.


Managing Ongoing Issues with Motivation


We all have times when we feel motivated, and times when we barely want to do anything at all.


But if a lack of motivation is negatively impacting your daily life, it may be time to speak to a therapist.


Motivational counselling can help you set goals, explore what motivates you, and learn strategies to overcome any challenges you’re facing.


Next Steps for Boosting Your Motivation


After reading this article, you know what causes a lack of motivation and five ways you can feel more motivated today.


Here at KMA Therapy, we’re here to be the extra support you need. We’ve been helping our clients become – and stay – motivated for over 14 years.


Book an appointment today or connect with our caring team to learn more about motivational therapy options.


If you’re not yet ready to book an appointment, check out these resources to learn more:


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