Divorce Therapy in Toronto

Separation or divorce can be a lengthy, difficult process during which communication can become strained or altogether intolerable.

Divorce advice from the right professional can help you to feel more comfortable and stable during this time of crisis.

Communicating effectively when you and the other party are in distress may seem impossible, but remaining cooperative is vital, especially when finances, assets, and most importantly, children, are involved.

What is divorce therapy? 

Divorce therapy deals with all issues related to divorce, and can be facilitated in either individual sessions or sessions with your ex-spouse. 

Divorce therapy can help you and/or your ex-spouse: 

  • Create a path for the future
  • Help you find appropriate services
  • Help you to explore sources of support
  • Re-engage with life and find new meaning 
  • Explore the possible reasons for the divorce
  • Communicate effectively with your ex-partner
  • Understand and process divorce-associated grief
  • Talk about your divorce with your children and other loved ones
  • Facilitate re-engagement with each other if there is desire from both parties
  • Normalise and validate feelings, thoughts and behaviours during this time of crisis

Consider your divorce therapist your ally throughout what can often be a very lonely and emotionally difficult journey. 

Can therapy be used against you in divorce?

This is a very common fear that keeps many people from accessing mental health resources during this stressful time. The truth is, sometimes, therapy can be used against you during divorce proceedings. 

Although there are strong client-therapist privilege laws in place, sometimes, therapy records will be opened in divorce court (this is often related to child custody disputes).

Divorce therapy, however, can help you shift from a nasty divorce onto a collaborative divorce.

In a collaborative divorce, the goal is not to ‘win’, but to work together to come up with the best possible outcome, given the circumstances. 

Oftentimes, both parties want to have a collaborative divorce, but don’t know how to navigate through it. Attending divorce therapy with your ex-spouse can help you work on communication, and become allies throughout the divorce process.

If you are worried about records being subpoenaed, you can also discuss your concern with your therapist. They can give you advice on how to move forward in a way that feels safe for you.

Can therapy save my marriage?

Divorce therapy most often deals with the often messy proceedings after filing for divorce. 

While some couples who are at this point are not looking to re-spark their marriage, for some, divorce or separation can be the much needed wake up call to try and make things work.

If both parties are interested in reconsidering their marriage, and they see a glimmer of hope to become reunited, a divorce counsellor can help you establish rules for your relationship that help you restart on a healthier note.

Remember: your therapist’s job is not to take sides, it’s to help you both create and reach your relationship goals. If you’re both committed to finding new patterns, putting in the work, and redefining how you interact, therapy may help rekindle your marriage.

For more information on whether therapy can help save your marriage, read Will Couple Counselling Help My Relationship?

How do I move on after a divorce?

Divorce can be messy, deeply distressing, and even traumatic. Those going through a divorce will often feel disillusioned, purposeless, and hopeless.

Along with the emotional stress, it can be overwhelming to talk to your children about what’s going on, reorganise your finances, and learn how to navigate your shared social circles.

As difficult as it may seem, you can move on after a divorce.

A divorce therapist can help you find acceptance, reconnect with yourself, and find new and fulfilling routines. With the right support, you can move on from your divorce, access your support systems, and introduce joy into your life.

Divorce therapists can also help you deal with the external world. With a divorce therapist, you can learn how to be civil (and even friendly) with your ex-spouse, find effective ways to help your children cope with the divorce, and make a financial plan to move forward.

How does divorce therapy at KMA work? 

Divorce therapy at KMA Therapy begins with a 50-minute introductory session, either individually or with your ex-spouse, with one of our intake counsellors.

In these 50 minutes, the divorce therapist will dive deep to determine what kind of therapy services you need:

  • How are you coping with the divorce?
  • Tell me about how divorce proceedings are going
  • What are key goals you’re looking to reach throughout this journey?
  • Can you name your biggest concerns throughout the separation process?

Here at KMA Therapy, we believe it’s important that we get to know you so that your divorce therapist is the right fit. The consultation is also a wonderful time to address any questions you may have.

We will provide you with a customised ‘plan of action’. It includes the recommended divorce therapist who is best equipped to help you, as well as any additional services we feel would be helpful.

Get started with divorce therapy today

KMA Therapy has five locations throughout Toronto and we offer online therapy, too. To learn more about divorce therapy, give us a call at 416 487 6288 or fill out our registration form below to have our care coordinator reach out with more information. 

You can also book a session with us directly. 

In the meantime, read the articles below to help you gain perspective on your journey: 

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‍Divorce can be deeply painful, confusing, and angering. Let us help you process these emotions, and regain a sense of purpose!

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