Self-Esteem Counselling in Toronto

Self-esteem encompasses your confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your identity.

When your self-esteem is high, you feel confident in your ability to navigate your relationships, career, and goals with a high level of capability.

Unfortunately, low self-esteem can affect your relationships, career, and current family situations by making you feel unworthy to demand change in situations you’d like to be different.

What can cause low self-esteem?

A variety of issues can cause low-self esteem.

Self-esteem issues can arise from:

  • Persistent stressful life events
  • Being treated poorly in close relationships
  • Mental health issues like anxiety or depression
  • Struggles with academic performance in school
  • Highly critical parents, guardians, or teachers during childhood

How can counselling help improve self-esteem?

Self-esteem counselling at KMA helps you explore the root of your challenges.

Your customized treatment plan will help you:

  • Change automatic negative thought patterns and negative self-talk
  • Develop tools and resources to change your current environments
  • Promote psychologically healthier patterns of living

‍Self-esteem counselling in Toronto

Here at KMA, our self-esteem counselling begins with a 50-minute introductory session.

The fee for this session is $190 and is often covered by your workplace insurance package.

In your introductory session, we’ll ask you questions to explore:

  • What causes you to doubt your abilities
  • Areas of your life where you feel the most confident
  • Past events or relationships that may still be affecting you

We’ll also explore whether any additional mental health challenges (such as anxiety or depression) could be impacting your self-esteem.

We’ll then establish a customized plan of action, match you with the best therapist for what you’re facing, and recommend any additional psychological tests or additional services.

Begin self-esteem counselling at KMA Today

Beginning self-esteem counselling at KMA is as easy as completing our online registration form. Our care coordinator will reach out to you with more information about your introductory appointment.

We have five locations throughout Toronto, as well as online therapy options.

To learn more about self-esteem counselling, give us a call at 416 487 6288.

To learn more about other challenges you may be facing, visit our Issues page.

Read 5 Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem to boost your self-esteem today.

Let us help you build your confidence and live the fulfilling life you deserve.

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