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Psychologists provide a variety of services including psychological testing, assessment, and insurance-covered talk therapy. Let’s dive into some of your most pressing questions about psychologists in Toronto.

What is a psychologist?

Psychologists in Canada are registered mental health professionals who are trained in psychology. Psychologists in Ontario usually require a PhD level of education. 

Even after receiving their degree, psychologists will receive training to continually update their qualifications and are always subject to some form of supervision.

What is the difference between a counselling and clinical psychologist? 

A counselling psychologist provides counselling intervention using the latest research and approaches that are specifically tailored to each individual. All counselling psychologists in Ontario require a PhD level education, continually update their qualifications, and are always subject to some form of supervision.

‍Clinical psychologists are responsible for the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders. Clinical psychology includes both scientific research, focusing on the search for psychological knowledge, and clinical service, focusing on the study and care of patients.

Is a psychologist a doctor?

Yes, with a few exceptions, Psychologists in Ontario have a doctoral degree and can be addressed as “doctor” in sessions. 

It’s important to remember that psychologists are not medical doctors and did not go to medical school; they are academics who have extensive education in the mind and how it works.

Why do people see a psychologist?

People see a psychologist for a number of reasons. First and foremost, psychologists can conduct detailed assessments and provide diagnosis. If you’re looking for a structured, definitive assessment and a written diagnosis, a psychologist is a great choice.

Psychologists in a counselling setting can also provide talk therapy. This means they provide ongoing direction and feedback on the mental health issues you are facing.

All of our practitioners at KMA are supervised by psychologists. This means you’ll always have access to a PhD level practitioner on your case, and you’ll always have a third person in your circle of care.

When should I see a psychologist?

You should see a psychologist for the same reasons that you’d see any licensed mental health care professional such as a psychotherapist, social worker, or counsellor. They provide relief for mental health and relationship concerns.

Can a psychologist diagnose mental illness?

Yes, psychologists are specifically trained to diagnose mental health issues. If you wish to receive a diagnosis, ask your psychologist right away - they may need several sessions to assess the condition and get a full understanding of your symptoms.

Is it better to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist?

Both Psychiatrists and Psychologists are highly educated mental health professionals. Making the choice to see one or the other simply depends on what you’re looking for. 

If you are seeking medication for your symptoms, a Psychiatrist will most likely be the right fit.

If you are seeking a diagnosis and talk therapy for your symptoms, you're likely looking for a psychologist.

What do counselling and clinical psychologists do?

Our Psychologists and Psychological team at KMA Therapy provide a wide array of services, including: 

  • Assessments
  • Diagnosis
  • Evidence-based treatment

What is the difference between a Registered Psychologist and other disciplines like Psychotherapy, Counselling, and Coaching?

There are a few key differences between a Registered Psychologist (CPsych) and a mental health practitioner such as a psychotherapist, counsellor, or social worker. The education required for a Psychologist in Ontario is at the PhD level in Psychology. The education required for the term ‘Psychological Associate’ in Ontario is a Master’s Degree in Psychology.

Social workers, counsellors, and psychotherapists generally have Master’s level training in the field of social work, counselling, psychology, play/music/art therapy, or family therapy. However, since the terms ‘therapist’ and ‘counsellor’ are unregulated in Ontario, it’s always important to check and verify the education and training of your therapist.

At KMA Therapy, our standards require that all of our therapists have a minimum of a Master's degree in a psychology or social work related field, and in addition, they are supervised to provide Psychological Services in Ontario by a Clinical or Counselling Psychologist. 

All of our therapists and psychologists adhere to the standards of practice of the CPO (College of Psychologists of Ontario).

For more information about the differences in mental health professionals, read the article What's the Difference Between a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist, and Social Worker?

How much do psychologist sessions cost in Toronto?

Fees for therapeutic services in Ontario range anywhere from $180 to $390 per session based on a variety of factors including educational background, experience, type of therapy, office costs.

How Much Do Psychological Services Cost here at KMA?

Here at KMA, your initial intake session is 50 minutes and costs $190 and follow up sessions are 50 minutes and cost $245.

Your follow up sessions are designed to produce results based on the goals from your intake session. You'll meet weekly or bi-weekly with your therapist and we'll check in regularly to ensure optimal results.

How do Psychological Services at KMA Therapy work?

At KMA Therapy Toronto, we have several clinical and counselling psychologists who take on weekly patients. Weekly sessions can be eye-opening and help you grow - not only to achieve your current goals, but to help you learn more about yourself and push you past the things that are holding you back.

In your weekly sessions, we may use things like cognitive-behavioural therapy (which is commonly known as CBT), and psychodynamic psychotherapy. 

We may also use assessments or quizzes to identify what is the best approach for you and, in some cases, where the exact problems lie if you are unsure. 

We can help with a broad range of difficulties including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship/marital difficulties
  • Social anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Bipolar and obsessive compulsive disorder

Our Psychologists at KMA are registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. They are clinical and counselling psychologists who are invested in your development and progress in the therapeutic space. 

We also have several Masters and Doctoral level Psychotherapists who work under the supervision of these psychologists. To ensure that you have the very best experience, every practitioner at KMA is supervised by a member of CPO.

What your first session of psychological therapy at KMA looks like:

Psychological counselling here at KMA Therapy begins with a 50-minute introductory session with one of our intake counsellors. In these fifty minutes, we will ask important questions to understand where you’re at and exactly what approach is right for you.

  • Why are you looking for psychological counselling at this time?
  • What are your day to day symptoms?
  • A detailed history of your upbringing and family life
  • Constructive goals that are achievable and realistic

We ask questions to get a better sense of what therapist is the right fit for you, based on your own unique personality and needs. We believe it’s important that we get to know you so that your counsellor is the ‘right fit’. The consultation is also a wonderful time to address any questions you may have.

Get started with clinical and counselling psychology at KMA Therapy Toronto

To book an appointment with a psychologist, or to book your initial consultation, simply complete our online registration form. Our care coordinator will reach out to you with more information about your introductory appointment.

We have five locations throughout Toronto, as well as online therapy options. 

To learn more about counselling, give us a call at 416-487-6288. We are open Monday through Sunday from 10am-9pm.

If you think someone you care about may need counselling, read: How to Convince Someone to Go to Therapy

Psychology is one of many other mental health therapies. We want to ensure that you receive the kind of care you need.

Let us help you get back the freedom you deserve.

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