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Anger Management Therapy in Toronto

Like all emotions, anger is one of our natural responses to the world around us. Anger is not a problem in itself, in fact, it can actually be a motivator to bring about positive change, or achieve a goal. 

Anger becomes an issue when it is all-consuming and leads to harmful decisions. Signs that you may have anger management issues include: 

  • You can’t seem to ‘snap out’ of you anger
  • You notice that small things make you very angry
  • You often regret the things you do or say when angry
  • You hurt yourself or others physically or verbally when you’re angry
  • Others have voiced concern over your anger issues
  • You’re unable to ‘let go’ of things that happened in the past

They’re often associated with their families, friends, and coworkers, but most of all, anger issues affect the individual experiencing them. Anger management issues are associated with lower life satisfaction, negative physical health, and worsened relationships. They are also often signs of depression and/or anxiety.

You can gain back control

Anger management is not about denying anger, it’s about being in control of it. Learning to control how long you feel angry and what you do when you’re angry can be extremely empowering. 

Controlling your anger can help in every aspect of your life, from your relationships, to your physical health, to your career. If you feel like your anger has a hold on you, anger management therapy may be the right move.

Can therapy help with my anger issues?

When you’re in it, anger can feel like a wildfire, spreading out of control. Through anger management therapy you can: 

  • Learn calming techniques to gain control over your anger
  • Learn to express yourself without lashing out
  • Figure out where your anger issues come from
  • Understand the other feelings masked behind your anger
  • Let go and forgive things that happened in your past
  • Improve your relationships with others and yourself
  • Resolve conflicts in healthy ways

Therapy can help you control, and even pacify that fire.

Anger management therapy in Toronto

There are different types of therapy that are designed to help you manage your anger. They include:

If you’re looking to explore your past as it relates to your anger, psychodynamic therapy may be the right choice. If you want to learn strategies to interrupt the cycle of anger, cognitive-behavioural therapy, or mindfulness-based therapy may help. If you want to improve your interactions with your partner, siblings, parents, or children, family therapy may be the right fit. 

Many therapists also offer a mix of therapy styles that are tailored specifically to your needs. Talk to your therapist during your first session to let them know your goals. If you’re not sure what you want to address at first, that’s okay! A therapist is there to guide you through your therapy journey.

How does anger management therapy at KMA work? 

Anger management therapy at KMA Therapy begins with a 50-minute introductory session with one of our intake counsellors.

In these 50 minutes, we will ask important questions to determine the severity and treatment approach needed for your anger management:

  • How does your anger come out? Is it internal or external?
  • How have your anger issues most affected your life?
  • What are your current coping mechanisms when you feel angry?
  • In what situations do you feel the most angry?

Here at KMA Therapy, we believe it’s important that we get to know you so that your anger management therapist is the right fit. The consultation is also a wonderful time to address any questions you may have.

We will provide you with a customised ‘plan of action’. It will include the anger management therapist who is best equipped to help you, as well as any additional testing or psychological services we feel would be helpful.

To learn more about what you can expect during your first introductory session, check out this article

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