Sex Therapy and Counselling in Toronto

Common male sexual problems that our sex and marital therapists help solve:

  • erection difficulties
  • premature ejaculation
  • delayed ejaculation
  • compulsive sexual behaviour (including pornography, internet sex, and compulsive masturbation)

Common female sexual problems that we help solve:

  • difficulties having an orgasm
  • lack of sexual desire
  • discomfort or pain during intercourse. e.g. vaginismus, dyspareunia, vulvodynia, and vestibulitis
  • sexual inhibitions

What is Sex Therapy and Counselling?

Counselling and Psychotherapy can help immensely in the area of addressing sexual issues. Sex Therapists and counselors at KMA help you explore the root of the issue. Our therapists also develop treatment plans which empower you to take control: Developing tools and resources to change your current environments, change automatic negative thought patterns and negative self-talk, and promote psychologically healthier patterns of living.

  • feel loved and genuinely understood in bed and beyond
  • shift arguments into effective communication so that you feel heard and understood
  • reassess your values, priorities and time for sex and intimacy
  • discover how to be proactive in making your relationship better
  • resolve conflict successfully — especially around tricky issues such as sex, money and children
  • deepen your ability to give and receive affection freely
  • recover from affairs; rebuild trust and feel secure with each other again
  • increase sexual arousal for yourself and your partner
  • have more satisfying and loving sexual experiences
  • get your sexual and emotional needs met
  • discover what turns you on — find your lost libido and start having sex again
  • develop your own brand of romance and loving expression
  • gain more confidence sexually
  • heal from past experiences of sexual abuse or trauma
  • develop healthy sexual behaviours after trauma, incest or rape
  • address conflicts over hot topics such as Internet pornography, Internet sex or Internet chatting, jealousy, and inappropriate flirting
  • handle sexual rejection

How does Sex Therapy and Counselling at KMA work?

1. 50-Minute Consultation

Psychotherapy and Counselling here at KMA Therapy begins with a 50 minute consultation with one of our intake counsellors. In these fifty minutes, we will ask important questions to determine the nature of the problem and treatment approach needed to increase your self-esteem and self-worth. We’re also asking questions to get a better sense of your personality.

We believe the consultation is very important so we find you a counselor who is the ‘right fit’. The consultation is also a wonderful time to address any questions and concerns you may have. Here we will also provide you with a customized ‘plan of action’ – this includes the recommended sex therapist / counselor who is best equipped to suit your needs, a recommended duration of therapy (if applicable), and any additional testing or psychological services we feel would be helpful.

The fee for 50-minute consultations is $190 and this is usually covered by your workplace benefits package.

2. 50-Minute Weekly Sessions

After the consultation, clients attend sessions at our clinic on a weekly basis with your assigned therapist for the recommended treatment duration. Here, our objective is to work through the treatment plan, goals, and objectives set in your initial consultation. All sessions after the consultation are 50 minutes in length.

3. Finish and Evaluate

After completing the recommended program, we check in for another consultation appointment to check in on what your experience was like. If you’re still struggling (and everyone takes a different amount of time to work through issues), we may recommend continued therapy to keep you on the right track. If you’re feeling like you’ve made significant improvement in your issues, your weekly therapy ends here. We will likely give you reading materials to help you along the way and you’re welcome to come back for a check-in session at any time. After your therapy, we always love to hear how you’re doing and what you’ve accomplished!

Self-Help Reading on Sex Therapy & Counselling

Vicki Ford, Overcoming Sexual Problems - A Self-Help Guide (2005).

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