How much does therapy cost at KMA Therapy?

How much does therapy cost at KMA Therapy?

Finding answers regarding the cost of psychotherapy in Toronto can actually be really frustrating. You may have found that it's hard to find clear costs of services and how much therapy and counselling sessions cost. Maybe you've had trouble finding answers on how much you can expect to pay throughout the entire therapeutic process, and if services are covered by your insurance provider. You might even be wondering why the cost of therapy is different depending on where you look.

How much do counselling sessions typically cost?

Fees for therapeutic services in Ontario range anywhere from $50 to $300 per session based on a variety of factors including educational background, experience, type of therapy, psychologist supervision, and office costs.

Here at KMA, your initial intake session is 50-minutes and costs $190.
Your first session is an intake session to learn more about you and get you started on the perfect plan of action for you!

Here at KMA, your follow up sessions are 50-minutes and cost $245.
Your follow up sessions are designed to produce results based on the goals from your intake session. You'll meet weekly or bi-weekly with your therapist and we'll check in regularly to ensure optimal results.

Our sessions are typically covered under most workplace benefits plans under "Psychological Services"

At KMA Therapy, we employ psychotherapists and registered social workers, all supervised under psychologists. Our staff ranges in experience, with some that have over 20 years of practice under their belts. Every one of our therapists offers a variety of different therapeutic approaches for individuals, couples, and families. We offer services at five different offices located in central areas throughout Toronto, and online.

During our initial 50-minute intake session we gather information on the issues you’re looking to address, the goals you have of therapy, and your personality to set you up with the best possible therapeutic match. This initial session is administered by a registered therapist and is covered by most insurance providers under psychological services. Each following 50-minute session is also covered under psychological services.

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