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What is Adlerian Psychotherapy?

Adlerian Psychology is unique in its approach to psychotherapy: it holds that human beings are goal-oriented and choice-making by nature, not mechanistically victims of instinct, drives, and environment. As social beings, our basic goal is to belong. Although heredity and environ­ment have strong influ­ences, to a large extent we make our own choices of how to belong.

Adlerian Psychology has a strong focus on prevention of mental disturbance and social distress through education and parenting. Much of Adler’s work was with teachers and parents who wanted to replace traditional authoritarian styles of relating to children with more democratic—but not permissive—ways. One of Adlerian Psychology’s claims to fame is the attribution to Adlerian Psy­chology of the concept that “separate is not equal.” Today, many schools incorporate Adlerian-based approaches in teacher training and classroom work, and many parenting courses throughout the country are Adlerian based.

What does an Adlerian Psychotherapy in a session look like?

In Adlerian Psychotherapy, assessment is done using lifestyle assessment by identifying targets for therapy and identifying major successes and mistakes in a clients life, and early reflections where one talks about childhood experiences. We are encouraged to think about our private logic, our concepts about ourselves and others and the philosophy that our lifestyle is based on. We are encouraged to discover the purposes of behaviour and symptoms and our basic mistakes associated with coping.

The goal of therapy is to learn how we can correct our faulty assumptions and conclusions about ourselves and our lives. Our therapists do this by using a subjective interview technique and by encouraging self-understanding and insight.

How can I book an appointment for Adlerian Psychology at KMA Therapy Toronto?

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