How To Find A Job as a Sex Therapist in Toronto

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November 19, 2022

How to Find a Job as a Sex Therapist in Toronto


Ranked as a high-growth job opportunity in Ontario, working as a Sex Therapist is an exciting way to support clients in one of the most personal areas of their lives.


Sex therapy is an evolving and dynamic field, allowing therapists to continually learn and practice new techniques to support their clients.


But who is qualified to be a sex therapist, and how do you find a job as a sex therapist?


Our incredible recruiter Tre Reid has given you his top tips for finding a fantastic job as a sex therapist and helping clients as soon as possible.


After reading this article, you’ll know who is qualified to be a sex therapist, what they do, and how to find a great job as a sex therapist.


Who is qualified to be a sex therapist?


In Ontario, the title of “Sex Therapist” is not regulated, meaning that anyone can use it.


However, many therapy practices (including KMA Therapy) require therapists to register as either social workers, psychotherapists, or psychologists with their respective governing bodies.


You may become a certified sex therapist by registering with the Board of Examiners in Sex Therapy & Counselling in Ontario, but this is not a requirement.


Now you know who is qualified to be a sex therapist, but what does the job involve?

What do sex therapists actually do?


Sex therapists can work with couples or individuals on a variety of issues.


They may work to help couples or individuals with sexual desire, compulsive sexual behaviour, and sexual identity questions, with the goal of healthy sexual development.


Sex therapists help clients manage clinical issues like:


  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Stress


Sex therapists also help clients with non-clinical issues like:


  • Infidelity
  • Confidence
  • Life transitions
  • Career problems
  • Relationship challenges


What therapeutic techniques do recruiters look for?


“There is no one right way to do sex therapy,” says Tre. "However, there are three techniques that sex therapists should be familiar with to best serve their clients."


Sex therapists should be comfortable using approaches including:



Ultimately, sex therapists must adapt their skills to fit clients’ unique situations.


What are the top three qualities a sex therapist should have?


“The top three qualities any sex therapist should have are empathy, a non-judgemental approach, and a hunger to constantly learn and adapt to new challenges that come with sex therapy,” shares Tre.


1. Empathy


Sex therapists need to be empathetic to their clients’ experiences, desires, and goals.


It’s essential to create an environment where clients feel comfortable and supported.

2. Non-Judgemental Approach


Sex therapy creates an environment for clients to discuss the most private aspects of their lives. 

It’s important to provide a space for clients to share their experiences without fear of judgment.

3. Hunger for Knowledge


Sex therapy is a continually evolving field, so having an awareness of new developments is essential.

A great sex therapist must be passionate about learning and eager to keep up with the latest research and techniques.

Sex Therapist Jobs at KMA Therapy


If your job search has led you to KMA Therapy, we would love to hear from you!


As a Sex Therapist at KMA Therapy, you will join a team of passionate therapists, social workers, and psychologists who care about every aspect of the business.


We believe in providing our clients with the best possible services while maintaining a positive workplace experience.

You will be supervised by a KMA-provided psychologist to help you learn and grow as you work with us.

Visit our Therapies and Issues pages to learn more about the client groups we serve, our therapeutic approach, and whether you could be an excellent fit for KMA.


Other great places to look for therapist jobs in Toronto include and LinkedIn

Next Steps for Finding a Job as a Sex Therapist in Toronto


After reading this article, you understand what a sex therapist does, what qualities recruiters look for in a sex therapist, and how to find a great job as a sex therapist.


Here at KMA, we’ve spent the last 14 years helping clients get the personalized support they need to live their best lives. Our specialized introductory sessions ensure the clients you’re matched with will be a great fit for your unique skill set.

If you could be a great fit for KMA, visit our Careers page to learn more. 

You can also contact our recruiter Tre Reid directly at to learn more about the positions we have available.

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