44 Fall-Themed Journal Prompts to Start the Season Strong

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September 22, 2023

44 Fall-Themed Journal Prompts to Start the Season Strong

The days are getting colder and you’re ready to curl up under a blanket and forget the outside world.

There’s a reason so many people love cozy fall weather - the symbolism of the changing seasons can be a great reminder of our ability to change and start over, too.

Here at KMA Therapy, we know you want the tools you need to become the best version of yourself. Self-discovery and self-reflection exercises are not only great for your mental health, but they can also be fun and rewarding!

After reading this article, you’ll know the benefits of journaling - and have 44 fall-themed journal prompts to help you get started.

What are the Benefits of Journaling?

Cozying up in a warm blanket with a cup of tea and writing about your worries sounds great in theory.

But the benefits of journaling stretch beyond a cozy aesthetic - journaling can hold many benefits for your mental health.

best fall journal prompts for mental health

The benefits of journaling include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Boosting your physical health
  • Managing mental health symptoms
  • Exploring your sense of self and self-discovery
  • Acknowledging and processing difficult emotions

Fall-Themed Journal Prompts

The start of a new season is a great time to explore new habits, and we’ve gathered 44 fun fall-themed journal prompts to help you start self-reflecting.

44 Fall Journal Prompts:

  1. List five things you love most about autumn.
  2. How do the changing leaves make you feel?
  3. How does the crisp, cool fall air energize you?
  4. How does the fall season inspire your creativity?
  5. Write about your favourite fall festivals or events.
  6. Write a story about a magical autumn adventure.
  7. How does the fall season inspire your creativity?
  8. Describe a perfect fall day, from sunrise to sunset.
  9. Describe your favourite fall memory from childhood.
  10. What are your favourite fall activities and traditions?
  11. Write a short story about a scarecrow in a fall field.
  12. How do you like to decorate your home for fall? Why?
  13. Write a letter to someone you miss during this season.
  14. Describe the taste of your favourite fall treat or beverage.
  15. Explore the idea of renewal and rebirth in the fall season.
  16. How does the fall season inspire your inner artist or writer?
  17. Explore the scents and aromas of fall that bring you comfort.
  18. Write about the role of nostalgia in your autumn experiences.
  19. What does the transition from summer to fall feel like to you?
  20. What was the best fall activity or craft you ever did at school?
  21. Reflect on the symbolism of falling leaves and the cycle of life.
  22. How does the cooler weather influence your outdoor activities?
  23. Share a story about a memorable autumn adventure you've had.
  24. Describe your favourite fall colour and why it’s significance to you.
  25. Describe the sounds of fall in your neighbourhood or environment.
  26. Reflect on the changing seasons as a metaphor for personal growth.
  27. Write about your go-to cozy fall outfit. What textures does it feel like?
  28. Share a recipe for a delicious fall dish and your experience making it.
  29. What books or movies do you enjoy revisiting during the fall months?
  30. Share your thoughts on the changing flavours and spices of fall cuisine.
  31. Share your favourite fall quotes and explain why they resonate with you.
  32. Reflect on the lessons you've learned from nature during the fall season.
  33. Write a letter to your future self about your goals and aspirations this fall.
  34. Explore the concept of hygge and how it applies to your autumn lifestyle.
  35. Reflect on the lessons you've learned from nature during the fall season.
  36. Explore the concept of gratitude and what you're thankful for this season.
  37. How does the change in daylight hours affect your mood and daily routine?
  38. Describe the feeling of crunching leaves underfoot during a walk in the park.
  39. Share your thoughts on the balance between holding on and letting go in life.
  40. Explore the concept of change and transformation in your own life during the fall.
  41. Write a letter to a loved one describing the best fall moment you shared together.
  42. Describe the feeling of wrapping yourself in a warm, soft blanket on a chilly fall evening.
  43. Write about a time when you faced a personal challenge during the fall and how you overcame it.
  44. Write a poem about the beauty of autumn. (If you’re stuck, try a haiku: A five syllable line, a seven syllable line, and one more five syllable line.)

Next Steps for Managing Your Mental Health This Fall

After reading this article, you’re ready to self-reflect and grow with 44 new journal prompts.

For over 14 years, KMA Therapy has been helping our clients and community evolve into their healthiest, most fullfilled selves.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth way to explore your past and understand your behaviours, fill out our Registration Form to learn more about how therapy can work for you.

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