33 Holiday Journal Prompts to Help You Reflect, Learn, and Grow

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November 16, 2023

33 Holiday Journal Prompts to Help You Reflect, Learn, and Grow

As holiday stress ramps up, you’re more than ready to step back and take a moment for yourself.

If you’ve been feeling disconnected from yourself amid the chaos, it can feel hard to get in touch with what you really want and need.

Here at KMA Therapy, we’re here to equip you with the tools you need to unwind and feel better. Journaling holds a ton of benefits for your mental health, so we’ve curated this list of 33 journal prompts to get you through the holidays.

After reading this article, you’ll have a ton of new ideas to help you reflect, learn, and grow this holiday season.

Holiday-Themed Journal Prompts

Journaling is a great tool to take advantage of at any time of the year, but the holiday season is a particularly powerful time for self-reflection.

holiday-themed journal prompts

These 33 journal prompts will help you connect to different areas of your life. Don’t feel pressured to do them all - just try out the ones that interest you the most!

Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection

The holidays are a great time to reflect and connect with yourself more deeply. These journal prompts will help you explore recent and distant memories, and learn about how they continue to impact the person you are today.

  1. Reflect on the past year. What was your biggest achievement, and your biggest challenge?
  2. What’s one goal you have for the new year? Write down three steps you can take to achieve it.
  3. Describe a memory from the holidays that brings you joy. What makes it so special?
  4. Write about a lesson you learned this year. How will you take it into next year?
  5. What is a tradition you repeat every holiday, and why is it meaningful to you?
  6. List three ways you’ve grown over the past year.

Journalling to Navigate Sadness

The holidays are often a joyful time, but they can bring feelings of grief and sadness to the surface.

Answer these questions to navigate, understand, and process your feelings.

  1. Acknowledge the feelings of sadness or grief you’re having. Are they connected to specific holiday memories? What strategies do you think can help you cope with these feelings?
  2. Write a letter to yourself at a difficult moment from this year. Forgive yourself and offer words of support and encouragement.
  3. The holidays are a great time to give back to your community. What skills do you have that you could offer as a volunteer?
  4. Write about a time when someone did something kind for you. What impact did their action have on you?
  5. What new traditions can you start this holiday season that would make you feel happy and excited?

Gratitude Journalling Prompts

Gratitude is a powerful tool to boost your mood and help you to recognize the wonderful things you already have.

  1. Choose one person who has made a huge difference in your life this year, and thank them for what they’ve done. (Whether you send it or keep it private is up to you!)
  2. Write about a challenge you faced this year and what you learned from it. What lessons are you grateful for?
  3. What are you grateful for this holiday season? Write a list of at least five things.
  4. What’s one of your favourite holiday memories? Why are you grateful for it?
  5. Write down five experiences from this year that you’re grateful for.
  6. What’s something small that made your day better today?

Questions about Self-Discovery

Have you ever wanted to learn more about yourself? Take some time to answer these questions and connect with how you’re feeling and what you truly want.

  1. If you choose to spend the holidays anywhere in the world, where would it be? This could be a place you already love, or a new place you’d love to explore.
  2. Hygge is the Danish art of coziness - you might have heard about it from decor and lifestyle bloggers. Does it appeal to you? Why or why not?
  3. Do the holidays make you feel more creative? How do you express your creativity during the holidays?
  4. Write about a difficult situation you’ve faced during the holidays. How did you get through it?
  5. What are your favourite things to do in the winter? Why do you love them?

Uncovering Your Future Aspirations

You don’t need to call on the spirits of holidays past, present, and future to discover what you really want out of life - but the holidays do offer a great opportunity to reflect on how you’ve grown over the year and how your dreams have evolved.

  1. Have you ever wanted to create a vision board? Collect pictures and quotes that represent your goals and dreams for the future (if you need a place to start, answering the questions in this article is a great first step!)
  2. What’s one part of the holidays that you really used to enjoy as a kid? How can you make this moment from the past a part of your future?
  3. When you picture your dream holidays, what are your must-haves? What steps can you take to bring this dream to life?
  4. What’s one skill you wish you had? Can you take any steps toward it in the upcoming year?
  5. What’s one thing that, if it happens, you’ll consider the holidays a success?

Reflecting on Relationships

During the holidays, you’re often forced to slow down and spend time with family and friends - this can be amazing, and it can also feel a bit stressful.

The holidays are a time when your relationships are front and centre - so these questions will help you navigate them!

  1. Is there anyone you’d like to forgive this holiday season? Even if they never apologized, try writing a letter expressing your hurt, and forgive them. (You deserve to feel closure, even if they never gave it to you.)
  2. Reflect on the important role relationships play in your life. Even when they’re difficult, why are your relationships necessary?
  3. Think about a relationship in your life that you cherish. What makes this relationship so special and lasting?
  4. What are some festive activities that always make you feel connected to your loved ones?
  5. What are some of the relationships in your life that you’re the most grateful for? Why?
  6. What’s a special holiday memory you share with a loved one?

Next Steps for Connecting to Your Inner Self

After reading this article, you have a ton of new ideas to fill up that journal you just got as a present.

Here at KMA Therapy, we know that self-development happens all year round. Whether you’re looking for support in overcoming a specific challenge or you just want someone to listen to you, we’re here to help.

Register online to start your therapy journey today.

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