15 Common Misconceptions About Online Therapy in Toronto

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July 5, 2024

15 Common Misconceptions About Online Therapy in Toronto

Online therapy has become a game-changer in the mental health world, offering a flexible and accessible way to get support. With life in Toronto moving at lightning speed, having the option to talk to a therapist from the comfort of your home can make all the difference. It’s a convenient and effective way to tackle issues like anxiety, depression, and stress without adding the extra burden of commuting or fitting appointments into a packed schedule.

But despite its benefits, online therapy is often misunderstood. You might be wondering things like, do you get the same type of service as you would in an in-person session? Does therapy in online have the same effect as in-person? Does online therapy cost more, or is it covered by insurance? There are so many questions people have about the use of online therapy, so thats where we come in!

 At KMA Therapy, we believe it's crucial to debunk these misconceptions so that more people can take advantage of this valuable resource. Let’s set the record straight on 15 common misconceptions about online therapy in Toronto and explain why it might be the perfect fit for you.

#1 “Online Therapy? That would NEVER work for me!”

Many people think that online therapy can’t match the effectiveness of face-to-face sessions. But studies show that online therapy can be just as effective, particularly for treating anxiety, depression, and PTSD. We’ve seen countless clients benefit from the flexibility and accessibility of online sessions, allowing them to focus on their mental health without the hassle of commuting. The key is consistency and engagement; if you're committed to the process, the results can be just as impactful as traditional therapy.

#2 “There is NO way they’d really understand me over zoom.”

Some worry that the screen creates a barrier between them and their therapist. However, we find that many clients feel more comfortable opening up from the privacy of their own homes. Plus, therapists are trained to create a warm, supportive environment, even through a screen. Building a therapeutic relationship is all about trust and communication, not physical proximity. With thoughtful engagement and regular sessions, clients often find that the screen fades away, leaving a genuine connection that feels just as real as in-person meetings.

#3 “It’s Only for Computer nerds!”

Worried about the tech aspect? Don’t be. If you can handle basic video calls, you can do online therapy. Our team provides simple instructions and support to ensure you’re comfortable with the technology, no matter your level of tech expertise. We offer technical support to help you navigate any issues that arise, ensuring that tech doesn’t become a barrier to your mental health care. Many of our clients, regardless of age or tech skill level, find that once they try it, the process is smoother than they expected.

#4 “They’re probably recording our call!”

Confidentiality is a top priority. We use secure, encrypted platforms to ensure your sessions are private. Our therapists adhere to strict ethical guidelines to protect your information, just as they would in an office setting. We understand that privacy concerns can be a significant barrier to seeking therapy, which is why we go above and beyond to ensure your data is safe. By using industry-standard encryption and secure communication channels, we make sure that your personal information and session details remain confidential.

#5 “No way will insurance pay for that!”

Many believe that online therapy isn’t covered by insurance. However, most insurance plans that cover in-person therapy also cover online sessions. It’s always a good idea to check with your provider, but rest assured, online therapy is a recognized and legitimate service. We recommend contacting your insurance company to understand your coverage better. At KMA Therapy, we can assist you in navigating insurance claims to ensure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. Financial concerns should not stand in the way of accessing quality mental health care.

#6 “An online therapist is only going to do half the work with me”

Online therapy offers access to a wide range of skilled therapists. At KMA Therapy, we ensure all our online therapists are highly qualified and experienced. You get the same level of care and expertise, just through a different medium. Our therapists undergo continuous training to adapt their skills to online platforms, ensuring they can provide the same high-quality care as they would in person. The therapeutic techniques and interventions used online are just as effective, ensuring that you receive comprehensive support tailored to your needs.

#7 “It’s way too expensive!”

While therapy can be an investment, online therapy often has lower overhead costs, which can translate to savings for clients. Plus, you save on commuting time and costs. We offer various pricing options to make therapy accessible to more people. We believe that mental health care should be affordable and accessible, and our pricing reflects this commitment. Additionally, online therapy eliminates the need for transportation and can fit more easily into your schedule, reducing the indirect costs associated with traditional therapy sessions.

#8 “I doubt they can deal with any serious issues online”

From anxiety and depression to relationship issues and stress management, a wide array of concerns can be effectively addressed through online therapy. Our therapists are trained to handle a diverse range of issues, providing comprehensive support regardless of the medium. The flexibility of online therapy means that you can receive help in real-time, wherever you are, making it easier to address issues as they arise. Whether you're dealing with chronic issues or sudden life changes, online therapy can provide the support you need.

#9 “It’s Not Suitable for Everyone”

While online therapy might not be suitable for severe mental health conditions that require close monitoring, it’s beneficial for many people. Our therapists will help determine if it’s the right fit for you during your initial consultation. We take the time to assess each client's unique situation and needs, ensuring that online therapy is a viable option before proceeding. For those with conditions that require more intensive intervention, we can provide referrals and support to ensure you get the appropriate level of care.

#10 “How can my therapist really get to know me virtually?”

Building a connection with your therapist is crucial. Many clients find that the convenience and comfort of online therapy actually help them build a strong, trusting relationship with their therapist. Consistency and communication are key, and online therapy supports both. The initial sessions might feel different, but as you continue, the rapport and connection grow just as they would in person. Our therapists are skilled in creating a therapeutic alliance, ensuring you feel heard, understood, and supported throughout your journey.

#11 “Online Therapy Is Just for Millennials”

Think online therapy is just for the younger crowd? Think again. People of all ages benefit from the flexibility and accessibility of online sessions. Our therapists work with clients across the lifespan, tailoring their approach to meet individual needs. Whether you're a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, or a retiree, online therapy can fit seamlessly into your life. We have clients in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond who all appreciate the convenience and effectiveness of online therapy.

#12 “Online therapy is only if nothing else has worked!”

Some view online therapy as a last-ditch effort. In reality, it’s often the first choice for those seeking convenience and accessibility. Whether you have a busy schedule, mobility issues, or prefer the comfort of home, online therapy can be the ideal option. Choosing online therapy doesn’t mean settling for less; it means choosing a method that fits your lifestyle and needs. Many find that starting with online therapy opens up a world of possibilities for consistent and effective mental health care.

#13 “Sessions Are Less Structured”

Online therapy sessions follow the same structure and format as in-person sessions. Our therapists prepare just as thoroughly for online sessions, ensuring that you receive consistent and high-quality care. The format of the sessions remains professional and focused, with a clear agenda and therapeutic goals. Clients often find that the familiar structure helps them stay engaged and makes the therapeutic process more predictable and comfortable, leading to better outcomes.

#14 “It’s not nearly as private as in person therapy”

Worried about privacy at home? Therapists can help you create a private, secure environment for your sessions. Whether it’s using headphones, choosing a quiet room, or scheduling sessions when you’re alone, there are many ways to maintain your privacy. We provide tips and resources to help you set up a private space, ensuring that your therapy sessions remain confidential and undisturbed. Protecting your privacy is a collaborative effort, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

#15 “It’s Just a Trend”

Online therapy isn’t a passing fad. It’s a viable, effective form of mental health support that’s here to stay. The flexibility and accessibility it offers make it a valuable option for many people, regardless of where they are in their mental health journey. The growing body of research and positive client feedback underscores the effectiveness and sustainability of online therapy. As more people experience its benefits, it continues to gain acceptance as a mainstream option for mental health care.


Misconceptions about online therapy can prevent people from seeking the help they need. At KMA Therapy, we’re committed to providing high-quality, accessible mental health support. If you’re considering online therapy, we hope this article has cleared up some of your concerns. Remember, the goal of therapy is to support your mental health journey in the way that works best for you. Whether through traditional in-person sessions or the modern convenience of online therapy, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I start online therapy with KMA Therapy?

Starting online therapy is simple. Visit our website, fill out a registration form, and we’ll match you with a therapist who suits your needs. We make the onboarding process easy and hassle-free.

What do I need for an online therapy session?

You’ll need a stable internet connection, a device with a camera and microphone, and a private, quiet space where you can talk freely. We’ll guide you through the technical setup to ensure a smooth experience.

Are online therapy sessions recorded?

No, sessions are not recorded. We prioritize your privacy and confidentiality. Your information is kept secure, and we adhere to strict privacy policies.

Can I switch therapists if I don’t feel a connection?

Absolutely. It’s important to find the right fit, and we’re happy to help you find a therapist you’re comfortable with. Your comfort and trust are paramount in the therapeutic process.

How long are online therapy sessions?

Sessions typically last 50 minutes, similar to traditional in-person sessions. This duration ensures that you get ample time to discuss your concerns and work on your goals.

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