Why is Therapy So Expensive? (& 3 Cost-Influencing Factors)

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October 5, 2023

Why is Therapy So Expensive? (& 3 Cost-Influencing Factors)


Have you ever wondered why therapy can be so expensive?


In many places around the world, therapy can run between 60 and $300 an hour, which is a lot.


Here at KMA Therapy, we know you want to understand what you’re paying for when you go to therapy. It’s a huge commitment of your time, money, and energy – so here’s a breakdown of what goes into the cost of your therapy session.


3 Things That Go Into the Cost of Therapy


There's a pretty common misconception that therapists charge so much simply because they want to make as much money as possible, but that's simply not true.


Here are three things that go into the cost of your therapy session.


1. Your Therapist’s Work Between Sessions


Number one is that you might think your therapist comes into your session, sits down with you for an hour, and then goes home and completely forgets you exist.


But this couldn't be further from the truth between your sessions.


Your therapist is doing clinical research geared to help you they're forming a case conceptualization, meeting with their supervisor and creating a whole bunch of tools to help you during your next session.


Here at KMA, it is not uncommon for your therapist to spend hours preparing for your one-hour session.


2. The Therapy Office’s Business Expenses


The second thing is that therapists’ offices are small businesses just like any other small business you would go to.


why is therapy so expensive

With that comes expenses like rent and the salaries of every single person you see when you walk into your therapist’s office, especially if your therapist’s office is located in a really convenient location in a big metropolitan city – that can really influence the cost of your therapy session.


3. The Size of Your Therapist’s Caseload


The third factor is actually the size of your therapist’s caseload.


Now, there are some therapists who might charge a lot less, but they end up having to take on way more clients to compensate for that difference.


There is nothing worse than a therapist who can't remember your name or the details of your case just because they've seen way too many people that week.


Here at KMA Therapy, our therapists’ schedules are optimized so they can be personally dedicated to your case and help you make the meaningful progress that you deserve to make.


Next Steps for Affordable Therapy


Even after knowing everything that goes into the cost of therapy, you still need an option that fits within your budget.


A lot of therapy offices, including KMA Therapy, take insurance and also offer sliding scale fees on a case-by-case basis.


There is always a way to get the care that you deserve - if you have any questions for us, fill out our Registration Form to get started.


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