5 Key Things to Look for When Finding a Therapist

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May 18, 2023

5 Key Things to Look for When Finding a Therapist


If you're starting your therapy journey, you want to be absolutely sure that your therapist is the right fit for you. 

Coming into that first session with an arsenal of questions that you can ask can help you suss out if that therapist is even any good or if they're the right fit for you.


As an intake specialist at KMA therapy, I've seen so many clients come in kind of nervous about that first session, wanting to feel prepared, wanting to feel empowered, but not really what questions they should ask. 

Today I'm going to take you through the five questions you need to ask your therapist to feel prepared for that first session.


Number One: Cost and Coverage


There is nothing worse than receiving that first invoice and realizing that the number is completely different from what you thought it would be. There's no point in wasting your time with a therapist who either is way out of your budget or doesn't take your insurance. So make sure you ask about pricing and insurance from the get-go to avoid any unwelcome surprises.


Number Two: Education and Expertise


At the end of the day, therapy is about receiving the best treatment possible for the issues that are affecting your day to day you want to make sure that your therapist is prepared to deal with those issues. If you're dealing with anxiety, ask your therapist what anxiety training they have. If you're dealing with trauma, make sure that they have experience dealing with those issues. If you're going in for couples counselling, make sure that your therapist has actually worked with couples before.


Therapy is a really broad term and therapists usually have advanced specialties in some really specific areas you might work with a therapist who's really knowledgeable about eating disorders but may know nothing about fertility counselling. The other really big thing is you want to make sure that your therapist is licensed with one of the governing bodies.


Number Three: What to Expect


It is so nerve-wracking to have no idea what to expect from your therapy experience. Every therapist is different they all have different approaches different teams, different offices, and each of them has their own style and personality.


Your therapist should set expectations with you from the very get-go but if they don't, there is no question that is weird, awkward or naive. Ask them how long each session is. Ask them what a session looks like. Ask them if they offer free parking. No question is off-limits.


Number Four: Their Approach to Therapy


You want to make sure you ask about their approach to therapy. Now, you don't have to know anything about specific therapy techniques. You just have to know about you. Are you a goal-oriented person or do you prefer to let the goals develop as you go along? Do you prefer therapy that's a little bit more serious or daily to incorporate some humour. Asking questions. about what the therapist brings to the table can really let you know if you guys are a good personality match.


Number Five: Questions Specific to You


There are some questions that you're going to be dying to ask that have to do with your unique experience and your unique identity. For example, do you have a disability and you need the office to be accessible? Are you looking for therapists with a similar ethnic or racial, gender or sexuality preference for your therapist?


This is your therapy experience. Any question that you have, don't leave it on the table. The more informed you are before starting your journey, the better the effects of therapy are going to be. I know this seems like a lot you definitely don't have to ask every single question to have a productive recession.


For a list of 22 specific questions you can ask your therapist during that first session, click the link below. You can even print out whatever questions you like and take them with you on your first session. Thank you so much for watching and please let us know how the questions worked for you!

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After watching this video, you know five key things to ask a new therapist.

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