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5 Ways To Achieve Your Dreams

purple cloudsThe limitations in our lives are larger self-inflicted. We’ve created them based on criticisms we hear from bosses, past relationship partners, unkind classmates and teachers. It’s almost impossible not to take some of this criticism to heart, and eventually let it determine how you view your potential.

What would you be going for if no one had ever said an unkind word to you? What if you had only ever heard cheering and applause from the audience (i.e., your friends and family) over your entire life? While some people are lucky to regularly have that kind of support, many are not. Below are tips that will help you to THRIVE when you go after that one thing you’ve been waiting for! If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it!

1. Meaningful Relationships

Whatever you want to go for in life, chances are having a few connections will certainly help! Talk to people, listen, and take notes. Ask people who are doing what you want to be doing how they got there – where they started, the baby-steps they took along the way, etc.

2. Patience

Getting to where you want doesn’t happen overnight. You’re going to need to break down your dreams and goals into smaller, manageable steps. Often these baby-steps don’t feel as immediately gratifying to achieve, but over the long run, success is paved by taking small steps consistently in the right direction!

3. Presence

It’s easy to get caught up in the larger picture of what you want to do or where you want to go. Remember to focus on what you can do RIGHT NOW to help you get a little closer to your dream. Try going at your goals with calm but determined ambition. If you’re having trouble getting into a mindset where you feel capable of tackling goals for the day, practice a relaxation technique such as deep breathing or meditation to get you on track.

4. Imagination

Dream BIG! Set amazing intentions for your life in order for amazing things to follow. When you visualize your ambition and dreams for your life, feel free to be as elaborate as can be. If you can concretely imagine what you want and how good it will feel getting there, it makes the hard-work and effort you put into achieving these dreams more manageable. In addition, it adds a little more motivation when you’re working, leading to happier more productive labour!

5. Positivity

Finally, dreams aren’t achieved when you don’t believe in yourself. Surround yourself with positive people, listen to music that lifts you up, and maybe incorporate a couple of mantras throughout your day that help to keep you feeling good. Achieving your dreams is not always about feeling happy all the time. You’re going to run into periods where you’re exhausted and frustrated, but so long as the majority of your time is spent in a positive head-space, you’re probably right on track!

By: Kaya Quinsey

Kaya Quinsey

About Kaya Quinsey

Kaya is the Social Media Strategist at KMA Therapy. She recently completed her Honours Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Toronto. She is just starting her masters degree in clinical psychology at the Adler Graduate Professional School. Kaya has worked as a outpatient group fascilitator at CAMH in the Richmond Street Outpatient Clinic where she helped run weekly group meetings centered around fashion blogging, for individuals with schizophrenia. She has worked as an undergraduate research assistant at OISE's Esther Geva Research Lab focusing on child development and OISE's Emotion & Psychotherapy lab for Dr. Watson. In addition, she has worked as an undergraduate research assistant in Mount Sinai's psychological trauma program.

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