The Top 5 Therapy Clinics for University Students in Toronto

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September 1, 2022

The Top 5 Therapy Clinics for University Students in Toronto


As fun as being a university or college student can be, it can also be stressful trying to balance studies and a social life. If you’re feeling stressed out, you’re not alone – many students struggle with their mental health, and choose to seek professional support.


You may know that you want to see a therapist but aren’t sure how to find the best therapist for you. We understand how busy student life is, so we’ve done the research for you.

Here at KMA, we want to make sure that you find the best therapist for your needs – we understand that may not always be us! We’ve gathered a list of five therapy clinics in Toronto that also provide great support to students.


After reading this article, you’ll have a list of therapy clinics to look into and an understanding of what to consider when reaching out to a potential therapist.

Comparing Therapy Clinics for Students


We compared 15 different psychology clinics in Toronto and ranked them based on five categories:


Clinics with a cost of over $150 per session ranked lower, while clinics with cheaper prices or sliding-scale options ranked higher.


Clinics were ranked on their proximity to Toronto Metropolitan University’s Victoria Street Campus and the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus. If they could be accessed by walking or transit in 30 minutes or less, they received a higher score.


Clinics deemed wheelchair accessible were ranked higher (however, this ranking was valued less in our scoring as all of the clinics offered virtual options for therapy.)

Relevance to Student Issues

Clinics that directly mentioned working with school-related or student-related issues were ranked higher than clinics that did not.

Reviews from Previous Clients

While we could only base previous client experiences on Google Reviews, clinics with better reviews scored higher.

The 5 Best Therapists for Students in Toronto


After ranking each therapy clinic across these categories, we’ve come up with five that we think could be a great fit for you.

1. Work in Progress

1304 Dundas Street West

Work in Progress Website Landing Page


Work in Progress are a “diverse team of therapists who prioritize rest, mindfulness and values-driven approaches” to care.


With a large team of affordable therapists, they rank highly on our list. Although they don’t explicitly mention services for university students, several of their therapists have expertise in life transitions, self-criticism, and finding balance in life.


Highlight: They are committed to offering services that are trauma-informed, non-judgemental, and consider each client’s lived experience.

2. Aworie Canada

60 Atlantic Avenue, #200

Aworie Website Landing Page

Aworie Canada are known for committing to health equity by providing affordable therapy to those who need it. They offer sliding-scale rates for their appointments and commit to doing this without sacrificing the quality of the therapy services that they provide.


Highlight: They have several therapists who specialize in school issues and stress.

3. One Peace Therapy

40 Wynford Drive, Suite 300a

One Peace Therapy Website Landing Page


One Peace Therapy have a commitment to holistic wellness. They “believe that someone is more than their concern(s) and how one was culturally raised significantly impacts how they navigate their spaces.” Although they support individuals regardless of their identity, they specialize in working with clients who identify as BIPOC.


They offer sliding-scale rates to clients and offer therapy sessions in English, French, Tamil, and Caribbean Patois.


Highlight: They offer free virtual events and recorded webinars through their website.


4. Psychotherapy in the City

2296 Bloor Street West

Psychotherapy in the City Website Landing Page


Psychotherapy in the City are committed seeing their clients as a whole person with complex experiences. They are here to support you in “conquering the difficult parts in your life that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.”


Their therapists have a variety of professional skills, and also offer services including Art Therapy and Career Counselling.


Highlight: They offer sliding-scale therapy rates specifically for students.

5. ThriveWell Counselling

415 Bloor Street West

ThriveWell Counselling Website Landing Page

ThriveWell Counselling are committed to helping their clients build resilience and strength. They focus on evidence-based counselling techniques, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, and Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization (EMDR).


Highlight: They have specific expertise in working with clients who are part of racialized and intersectional communities. Their therapists are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and non-judgemental space.

Questions to Ask a Potential Therapist


Once you’ve chosen a few therapy clinics to explore, it can be helpful to look into a clinic’s team page. This will provide you with a list of therapists, where you can learn more about each therapist’s skill set, expertise, and interests.


Make sure to consider what type of therapist you want to see while doing this research.


Some questions to consider when finding a therapist include:

  • What experience do they have supporting university students?
  • What are their rates and what insurance do they take?
  • How many sessions do they expect to see you for?
  • What therapeutic approach do they take?
  • Do they offer flexible hours for sessions?

Next Steps to Choosing a Therapist in Toronto


After reading this article, you now have an understanding of several therapy clinics in Toronto that may be a great fit for you, and questions to consider when choosing a therapist to work with. Your next step will be to contact a therapy office for more information. 

Here at KMA, we’ve spent the last 14 years perfecting our process of matching clients with their ideal therapist. We are passionate about equipping you with the tools you need to find the best therapist for you.

Whether you think your best fit is a therapist at KMA, or one of the great options listed above, this article has shown you how to find the best therapy clinic to fit your needs.

Register online to book an introductory appointment with us, or contact our team to learn more.


If you’re not yet ready to book an introductory appointment, check out these resources for more information:

About the Author

Emily Weatherhead has a Masters in Community Psychology from Wilfrid Laurier University, where her research focused on improving post-secondary student mental health. She is passionate about finding new ways to make mental health research more accessible and break down the barriers that prevent people from receiving mental health care.

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