The 5 Best Mental Health Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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January 19, 2023

The 5 Best Mental Health Accounts to Follow on Instagram


From dating to shopping to ordering dinner, so much of our lives take place on our phones.


We spend so much time on social media – so why not follow accounts that can teach you something useful?


You want to have great mental health tips right at your fingers. But with so many accounts, how do you know which ones to follow?


Here at KMA, we know the value of great social content. For over 14 years, we have connected our clients with the best resources for them – no matter what format.


We’ve gathered a list of our top 5 mental health Instagram accounts you can follow for great tips. 

After reading this article, you’ll know our five recommendations to improve your Instagram feed and how to know if they’ll be a great follow for you.


Ranking the Best Mental Health Accounts on Instagram


Below, we’ve listed five fantastic mental health Instagram accounts to follow, selected for this list based on the value of their content, how applicable their content is, and their creativity.


We've listed each account's handle, a summary of their content, a highlight, and how to know if each one could be a great follow for you.


The 5 Best Mental Health Instagram Accounts


  1. The Loveland Foundation
  2. Michael James Wong
  3. MindBodyGreen
  4. The Mind Geek
  5. Headspace


1. The Loveland Foundation

Handle: @thelovelandfoundation

Summary: The Loveland Foundation was founded by Rachel Cargle in 2018 through a fundraising initiative to provide national therapy support to Black women and girls in America.


They curate resources and initiatives that prioritize opportunity, access, validation, and healing for communities of colour. Their primary focus is supporting Black women and girls.


Their Instagram account is a collection of tweetable quotes, aesthetic graphics, and snippets from their Podcast, The Unfolding.


Highlight: They often share content from other creators and feature a variety of experts in their stories, so they’re a great place to expand your horizons and find new people to follow.


This is a great follow for you if: You enjoy short-form, easily digestible content more than scrolling through multiple slides in an Instagram post.


2. Michael James Wong


Handle: @michaeljameswong

Summary: Michael James Wong is the founder of Yoga for Boys, where he encourages men to practice yoga.


He works to break down traditional ideas of masculinity and help men take control of their own identity and mental well-being.


His Instagram account has a variety of videos, quotes, and other helpful content to help men live more mindful lives.


Highlight: Michael also founded the Just Breathe app (check out their Instagram @justbreathe for even more mindful content.)


This a great follow for you if: You enjoy video content with quick tips to improve your well-being.


3. mindbodygreen


Handle: @mindbodygreen


Summary: If you google a mental health question, there’s a good chance mindbodygreen will be one of the top answers. And for a good reason – their team of experts offers up mental health tips in an educational and entertaining way.


Their feed explores many wellness topics through quotes, reels, and infographics.


Highlight: They often share excerpts from the mindbodygreen podcast, which features educational experts on various topics.


This a great follow for you if: You’re interested in learning about the mind-body connection and exploring how your physical health can impact your mental health.


4. The Mind Geek


Handle: @themindgeek


Summary: You may already recognize The Mind Geek’s unique post-it note illustration style.


Started by a psychotherapist, The Mind Greek brightens up Instagram with cheerful colours and encouraging quotes, while also unpacking more complex psychological theories into understandable graphics.


Highlight: Her “leave a thought” quotes will encourage you to practice self-reflection and find a sense of community among her other questions.


This is a great follow for you if: You love aesthetically pleasing content and short quotes that foster longer conversations.


5. Headspace


Handle: @headspace


Summary: You’ve probably heard of Headspace - but if you don’t want to buy into the app, their Instagram account is a great place to get familiar with meditation.


Their stories are organized into helpful highlights, featuring anxiety busters and mindful moments.


Highlight: They often share fun meditations and breathing exercises to interrupt your endless scrolling.


This a great follow for you if: You enjoy vibrant content that encourages you to be more mindful and take breaks to get in touch with the present moment while scrolling.


Next Steps for Connecting With Your Mental Health


After reading this article, you now know five great Instagram accounts to follow and how to know which ones to check out.


Here at KMA Therapy, we understand the power of social media to give you educational content about the topics you want to learn more about.


Check out our Instagram and TikTok accounts for bite-sized therapy tips and easily accessible support.


Sometimes, you need the kind of support you can get beyond your screen – and our experienced team of therapists are here to help.


Book an appointment today or connect with our team to learn more.


If you’re not yet ready to book an appointment, check out these resources to learn more:


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