Why We Need Our Friends

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March 30, 2012

Why We Need Our Friends

Do you remember the last time you spent quality time with your friends? Put on some party clothes and danced the night away, or simply had a night in to reminisce and catch up?

You’d be amazed at the number of modern day women (and men) who simply don’t do this anymore. Many of us blame our busy lives: busy with the kids, busy with work, busy with our relationships – the list never ends. But the truth is, we need our friends.

Here’s why: Friendships are proven to make us feel happier, live a longer life, and resolve situations more quickly.

They also give us an outlet to vent our frustrations (like our boss at work), or to share our stories (like the last horrible date we went on).Spending time with the girls (or guys!) benefits us in a number of ways. Quality friend time gives us much-needed time away from the people we spend our time with every day, like our children, our spouse, and our co-workers. We also use creative energies when we are engaging in new and different conversations, trying new activities, and changing-up the scenery.

Friendships also increase our self-esteem by helping us to feel more valued.

We learn that we are loved, cared for, and valued by our friends – and this in turn gives us confidence in other relationships in our lives (like the aforementioned boss at work, or the last horrible date).

Not only do friendships have benefits for you, but your involvement in friendships benefits the people around you.

As a good friend, you become a happier, healthier person!

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