COVID-19 Anxieties - What Can Online Therapy Do for You?

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April 16, 2020

COVID-19 Anxieties - What Can Online Therapy Do for You?

It’s official: we’re treading unchartered waters.

What started off as a vague headline overseas has become ever too real, ever so quickly. COVID-19 has changed the way most of us work, relax, and interact with one another. We’re feeling a collective kind of anxiety at the unprecedented epidemic that is interfering with our day to day, and even our long term goals.

Being cooped up at home can raise tensions in our relationships. The tumultuous status of our jobs has left many of us uneasy. We are afraid for our family and friends more vulnerable to the virus. We wonder how those who work as front line health providers are doing.

What can we do to feel at ease with so many aspects of our lives seemingly out of our control?

The accessibility of therapy has reached new levels of essential for many, but many offices in the GTA are closed to protect both clients and therapists alike. Thankfully, access to technology has allowed therapy offices, KMA included, to continue working with clients, helping them achieve their goals, and managing their feelings of helplessness.

Online therapy is new, but the studies being done on it are harvesting promising results.

In one 2019 study, 80% of participants receiving internet delivered cognitive behavioural therapy, saw an average 43% improvement in depression related symptoms. Another study saw a substantial decrease in anxiety symptoms, and an increase in day-to-day functionality following online therapy.

Here at KMA, we are excited to be a part of your solution.

We make our online video sessions easy to access, and personal. We’re flexible with our calendar, because we understand how chaotic times can often affect your schedule. Our therapists are committed to building and maintaining the connections with their clients that are so vital in making real, lasting change.

Despite the obstacles, we are in this together. Let’s come out of this hand-in-hand, stronger, and more united.

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