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CHCH TV - The Bachelor Canada

October 2012

I stopped into Queens Park today for a special filming of CHCH TV for 'The Square Off" with Liz West. We had a great time talking about the first episode of the "Bachelor Canada" - Brad Smith, who apparently has a liking for brunettes! Part of what made this segment so much fun is that we were discussing the results of the survey that just came out about the preferences of single Canadians - and we used the results of the survey to predict who was going to win!

My thoughts? Even though most Canadian men prefer blondes, it was very evident in Brad's expressions that he liked two women right from the start: Bianca and Whitney. Although from a psychological perspective, neither of these women appear to be relationship-ready, my bet is he'll go for one of those two.

A new survey that was conducted by about Canadians and our dating habits earlier this year showed some interesting results! We used these results to help predict who will win the Bachelor Canada this year. The study showed that less than 1 in 10 Canadian women would actually participate in a reality show to find love. AND although Bachelor Brad might hot have a sexy occupation after all: Only 6% of Canadian women thought that a professional athlete was an attractive profession. Men in the medical field and entrepreneurs scored highest for Canadian women. What do you think?

Original Air Date: October 4, 2012

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