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eTalk - Celebrity Relationships

October 2012

eTalk - Celebrity Relationships

Today I stopped in to visit my friends at ETalk to talk about some recent celebrity gossip. With all the clinical work I do in my practice as a psychotherapist, sometimes it can be a lot of fun to decipher celebrity relationships as a fun alternative.

This week's topic was the the makeups and breakups between Miley and Liam, Bradley and Zoe, Will and Kate, and Jessica and Justin! In the segment, I spoke a lot about couples who use engagement as a way of masking the flaws in the relationship. This is why we tend to see so many couples getting engaged right after a big break-up. Everybody wonders: They just broke up, how can they possibly be engaged?? But the glitz and glamour of a new engagement can often make both partners forget about their worries (but only temporarily).

I many cases, the couple's engagement doesn't last. They realize that they still have a lot to overcome as a couple and it's not just as easy as 'putting a ring on it!'

Original Air Date: October 3, 2012

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