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NXNEi Panel

June 2012

Nxnei is Toronto's most amazing music conference. In this unique panel, I teamed up with 3 amazing dating and relationship experts at Canada's top music, film and interactive conference to discuss how dating has changed in our age of technology.

Kim Hughes (media guru), Sofi Papamarko (sex columnist extraordinaire), and Stacey Ikka (matchmaker) and I hosted this interactive and unique panel to talk ot Nxnei conference-goers about our experiences.

We had a lot of amazing questions asked of us - including how we felt dating has changed in the last 20 years. I must say, even in the 5 years I have been practicing as a psychotherapist I have seen changes in dating. We stayed after the conference for an amazing after-party - the music industry truly does it best!

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