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Breakfast Television - How To Spring Clean Your Relationship

May 2013

It's spring and you have several relationships (whether friendship, family, or work-related) that simply aren't serving you. These people are not respecting your boundaries, showing up late for appointments, throwing you under the bus at work, taking credit for your ideas, or not contributing equally to the relationship. Here's how to take your power back in these relationships this spring!

1. Make a List of Your Relationships that Need Work:  Whether it be your mom, your sister, your boss, your constantly-late friend, or your partner. Write them down and imagine the relationship at a time when it was serving you.

2. Make a Commitment to Set Boundaries: Make yourself a promise that you won't bury your head in the sand the next time this person pushes past your personal boundaries. If they are late for a lunch, make a point of leaving the restaurant after waiting for 20 minutes. If they ask, "Can you baby-sit again just this once?" tell them no for once. Stick to your commitment,.

3. Stand Strong: There's no doubt that some people won't like your new boundaries. They might get mad, throw a tantrum, or insult you. But these are just tactics to get what they want, and if you listen to them, you reinforce this unpleasant behaviour!

4. Be Prepared to Part Ways: You can't change a person who doesn't want to change (even if you need them to for the sake of your relationship). If your friend, partner, or family member simply isn't respecting your wishes or boundaries, they're probably not really a great relationship in your life anyway. Relationships take two parties - and you can't be the only one contributing.

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