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Psychoeducational Assessments at KMA Therapy Toronto

What are Psychoeducational Assessments?

When a child is not doing well in school, parents may hear a number of things from the school, or they may see changes in their child at home. The school may tell them that their child is not doing homework, is restless, doesn't pay attention, reads below grade level, or go into a special class. At home, their son or daughter may be bad-tempered, might avoid doing homework, say they hate school, seem sad or be difficult to get to school in the morning.

On the opposite end, some parents find that they can’t keep up with extremely bright children, who usually become bored in school without appropriate stimulation.

The purpose of a psychoeducational assessment is to uncover the cause of such problems. Such causes include learning disabilities (LD)s, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), Autism, Aspberger’s Syndrome, High or Low IQ score, and Behavioural issues.

The assessment usually consists of a number of tests of different kinds, and often involves a visit by Lee to the school to observe the child in the classroom. The tests include a detailed assessment of intelligence (usually the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-III), measures of reading ability, including comprehension and phonological analysis (breaking down spoken words into their sounds), measures of math achievement, attentional processes, and emotional status.

What are Psychoeducational Assessments testing for?

Psychological aspects include:

  • intelligence
  • language skills
  • memory
  • verbal and visual learning
  • attention / concentration
  • eye - hand coordination for paper - and - pencil tasks
  • planning ability
  • reflective / impulsive response style

Academic skills include:

  • reading (phonetic skills, sight vocabulary, reading comprehension)
  • spelling
  • writing
  • mathematics (basic numerical operations, mathematical reasoning)
  • academic fluency (speed of reading, writing, calculating)
  • listening comprehension
  • oral expressive skills

How can I book an appointment for an assessment at KMA Therapy Toronto?

To book an appointment for your initial consultation, simply register online or call us at 416-487-6288.  We are located at Yonge and Eglinton in Toronto. We look forward to meeting you!




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