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Global News - Does Marriage Drive Women to Drink?

August 2012

Global News - Does Marriage Drive Women to Drink?

Today I spoke to my favourite Global News reporter, Marianne Dimain :-) 

A new relationship study recently showed that married women consumed more alcohol than women who were single, widowed, or divorced. What could possibly be the cause of this? I certainly don't think that marriage drives women to drink (at least, not a healthy marriage). In fact, other research I am familiar with actually shows that married women and men are more satisfied with life, happier, and overall less depressed than single people.

BUT, what I found interesting is that men's consumption of alcohol goes down after marriage. From a psychological perspective, we know that when people couple up, their habits and even behaviour can begin to match one anothers'. With drinking alcohol, it seems to do the same thing - the couple starts matching one anothers' behaviours, and soon enough, married women are drinking more! Who knew?

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