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CTV News - Women's Shoes Sell more in Tough Economy

May 2012

What a great, interesting, and fun segment today. I stopped by the CTV building on Channel 9 Court to film "Express" with Jacqueline Mizcarek. Apparently, according to a new study, women's shoes are one of the top selling items during a recession. I spoke to Jacqueline about the psychology behind why women's shoes sell more during tough economic times.

Ultimately, research shows that when times are tough, we rely on impulse purchases to satisfy our need to feel 'happy.' Items like lipstick, fast food, chocolate, and condoms also show an increase in sales during a recession. These are cheap, easy items to buy, and can make us feel happy in the short term.

Womens shoes have the additional benefit of making us look and feel sexy - and it doesn't matter if we gain or lose 5 pounds they'll still look amazing.

I'm not going to say how many shoes are in my own closet..... :-)

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