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City TV Breakfast Television - The Bachelor Canada Season Finale

November 2012

Well guys, for anyone who's been faithfully reading my posts, you know that I've been predicting the triumph of both Bianca and Whitney since the beginning of the show. The Bachelor Canada's Season Finale is tonight, and Bachelor Brad is now down to two lovely ladies, Bianca, and Whitney.

Whitney is a total man-eater who seems to be out for blood, and completely insincere on the show (from a psychotherapist's perspective, at least). The fact that she even made it to the final two gives me a lot of information about Brad's relationship issues. Bianca, on the other hand, is a sweet and very pretty nurse from the Toronto area (my personal favourite!) The only problem is that Bianca, too, was slow to warm up to Brad.

My take? Brad is likely not ready for a real long-term relationship if he is going for women who aren't interested in him! He is a sweet, but naive, hopeless romantic, who is trying to do his parents proud. I really wish him the best of success in his quest for love. (Brad, call me if you ever need relationship advice!!)

*Update* After the show's finale, Bianca is revealed as the winner. Success! Best wishes to Bianca and Brad - and if you ever need couples counselling - you're welcome to visit my office:-)

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