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E! With Leah Miller - Celebrity Couples And Money

May 2012

Today I had an office visit from one of our favourite Canadian TV personalities - Leah Miller! My office staff were incredibly excited to see her (as was I!)  She was extremely sweet and personable, and I truly enjoyed chatting with her throughout the taping.

The topic for today was celebrity couples and money. Women are certainly in a different position than we were many years ago, and celebrity relationships have changed as a result. Celebrities such as JLo are dating men who are 20 years their juniors, and others like Jessica Simpson are being careful not to date male 'gold-diggers.'

What are the new rules of dating?

1. Set an appropriate age limit. An age gap that's too wide can highlight fundamental differences in needs and values.

2. Beware of male gold diggers. Ladies, if you have an established career, make sure you find a guy who doesn't care what you do on a date. In addition, make sure to sign a pre-nup before getting married if you have assets to protect.

3. Men still pay for the first date. According to a new study by, Canadian men still are expected to pay for the first date (as a courtesy), but most Canadian women feel comfortable splitting down the middle after the first date.

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