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CBC News - Twilight Saga Finale

October 2012

You wouldn't believe how many times as a Psychotherapist and Relationship Expert I've been asked about the Twilight Series. People want answers to burning questions after the books have become so popular. Here are some questions I've received:

Can reading the books be harmful to teens views of relationships who, perhaps, haven't experienced love yet?

Can romance novels become addictive?

Why is the werewolf/vampire thing so popular?

In my opinion, yes, while these books can be extremely fun, lighthearted, and great to get teens into reading (period!), an excess of romance novels can actually distort our reality in terms of what we expect out of relationships. If you read all about Edward Cullen before falling in love, would you really feel satisfied with the average guy who passes gas, burps, and forgets Valentine's Day? I think not! (and not saying you should settle for a guy who forgets Valentine's Day!)

Relationships are all about being able to face reality together. If you're reading nothing but romance novels, it's time to take a look at your life and understand what it's missing.

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