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Procrastination: Tips to Stop Waiting and Start Doing!

Infinity time spiral 15267876“I”ll do it later.” – the anthem of the procrastinator. Too often later never comes around or we wait so long that we have to scramble to get things done. Procrastination can be the monkey on your back that you feel you just can’t shake off. The best thing to do is to understand why you are procrastinating and work from there.

There can be numerous reasons for procrastination. One may feel as though they do not have the skills or tools needed to complete the task, so it is put off. The task could also seem unimportant, thus lacking the motivational qualities for you to start working on it. Another common reason for procrastination is a fear of the outcome. You may have been in the same situation before and things turned out poorly, so, you are avoiding the outcome by avoiding the task. On the other hand, it may be that you have no clue what the end result will be, thus you are steering away from the potentially perilous unknown. What is important here is to note that the act of procrastination varies between tasks and people. We don’t procrastinate on everything and we don’t always procrastinate on the same thing in the same way. So how can you decrease the possibility of procrastination? Know yourself.

One of the best things to do is to NOT label yourself a procrastinator. We tend to act in self-confirming ways. So if you think you’re a procrastinator, you will procrastinate. The second thing to do is to recognize why you are procrastinating and correct the issue. If you think the task is too boring, find meaning in it. Yes, the 12 page essay on cyberbullying may be tedious, but consider all of the information you will gain that will help you keep your future children protected from it. If you feel like you are lacking a skill, see this as an alarm to spring into action and find the proper resources to solve that issue.

By changing your perspective of procrastination so that it is an alert rather that a barrier, you can change your slacker ways into proactive ones.

The Journey of Personal Transformation

moving-on-from-a-cheating-partnerPersonal transformation is probably the single most challenging and rewarding activity we as humans can ever take on. If you’ve ever found yourself riding the high of freedom from a lifelong concern, only to wake up the next day in the midst of an emotional crisis, then you will have some idea of what I’m talking about.


People wind up on the path of personal transformation for different reasons. Some can no longer stand to live with the pain of childhood trauma. Others live for many years with an inkling there is more to life than what meets the eye. Just like everyone, those “on the path” of transformation are motivated by the desire to live happier, more empowered and meaningful lives. However, those who walk the path of personal transformation have consciously chosen to acknowledge the inner obstacles to happiness. They have chosen to turn their relationships with themselves upside down until they’ve come to peace with every last part – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

During the process of personal transformation, step-by-step we trade the old, outworn cocoon of the personality we inherited from our parents, siblings, babysitters, teachers, authority figures etc. for our unique and irresistible authentic selves. As the process unfolds we experience a continual stream of new possibilities for meeting the challenges and opportunities of life, which are accompanied by a rush of excitement and renewed sense of purpose. We begin to catch glimpses of peace, joy, and bliss more alluring and gratifying than any we’ve ever experienced, and as time goes on we experience these states more and more.

Sounds amazing, right? It is, except for all the personality traits that make up our old cocoons. Make no mistake. We have invested a lot of energy and time – several decades in some cases – in pumping up these parts of ourselves in order to get by in life. We have become so reliant on these parts or our personality that whenever they want something we bend over backwards to give it to them. And since our relationship to these parts is more intimate than any other, they know how to hit us where it hurts the most every time.

The good news is, we are free to choose change in every moment, no matter how slowly it seems to occur sometimes. And by surrounding ourselves with an environment that supports us on the path of transformation, the old parts of us can gradually come to see that they no longer have to work so hard to ensure our security. In the meantime, it helps to remind yourself of the wise adage “there’s nothing to fear but fear itself”. And give yourself permission to sit back and enjoy the ride.

By: Kelly Pritchard

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Achieve Your Goals! Tips for Goal Setting

ladder 1When there is a big enough discrepancy between what a person is and what a person wants to be, we tend to set goals in order to get to that ideal state. Unfortunately, we often don’t know where to start or how to go about setting up a plan that will lead us to attaining those goals.  Here are a few things to think about when goal setting.

We need to consider the level of difficulty and the specificity of our goals.  The difficulty of a goal is what energizes our behaviour. We need to make sure that our goals are difficult enough that we know it will make us exert effort, otherwise, let the procrastination begin.  Nothing worth doing is easy. We also need to be specific in terms of what we have to do and how we will do it. This directs our behaviour and decreases ambiguity. If we know exactly what we have to do, we are more likely to do it because it removes any guessing; like following a recipe.

And like a recipe, we need to follow small steps in order to get to the desired result. Set small goals that will help you get to your final goal. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We need to remember that this is a dynamic process. Too often we sit down, create a plan, and when things don’t go as we expected, we see it as a failure. This is not the case! Things happen and we have to adjust our plans accordingly, rather than giving up.

Feedback! It is essential to document your actions in order to make goal setting effective.  You can use the record to make sure you are keeping on track. Also, by having something to look at to see your progress, you create emotional importance for yourself in relation to your goals.  If your performance is greater or at par with what you expected, it creates a sense of satisfaction which can lead to you creating new, more difficult goals. If your performance is less than expected, it can motivate you to increase your effort in order for you to reach your goal.

Setting goals is something we all do, but we don’t all do well. By creating small, specific and difficult goals, we can create a ladder that will raise us up to where we want to be. And by taking note of out progress we can properly adjust our plan to make sure we achieve our goal.

5 Ways To Achieve Your Dreams

purple cloudsThe limitations in our lives are larger self-inflicted. We’ve created them based on criticisms we hear from bosses, past relationship partners, unkind classmates and teachers. It’s almost impossible not to take some of this criticism to heart, and eventually let it determine how you view your potential.

What would you be going for if no one had ever said an unkind word to you? What if you had only ever heard cheering and applause from the audience (i.e., your friends and family) over your entire life? While some people are lucky to regularly have that kind of support, many are not. Below are tips that will help you to THRIVE when you go after that one thing you’ve been waiting for! If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it!

1. Meaningful Relationships

Whatever you want to go for in life, chances are having a few connections will certainly help! Talk to people, listen, and take notes. Ask people who are doing what you want to be doing how they got there – where they started, the baby-steps they took along the way, etc.

2. Patience

Getting to where you want doesn’t happen overnight. You’re going to need to break down your dreams and goals into smaller, manageable steps. Often these baby-steps don’t feel as immediately gratifying to achieve, but over the long run, success is paved by taking small steps consistently in the right direction!

3. Presence

It’s easy to get caught up in the larger picture of what you want to do or where you want to go. Remember to focus on what you can do RIGHT NOW to help you get a little closer to your dream. Try going at your goals with calm but determined ambition. If you’re having trouble getting into a mindset where you feel capable of tackling goals for the day, practice a relaxation technique such as deep breathing or meditation to get you on track.

4. Imagination

Dream BIG! Set amazing intentions for your life in order for amazing things to follow. When you visualize your ambition and dreams for your life, feel free to be as elaborate as can be. If you can concretely imagine what you want and how good it will feel getting there, it makes the hard-work and effort you put into achieving these dreams more manageable. In addition, it adds a little more motivation when you’re working, leading to happier more productive labour!

5. Positivity

Finally, dreams aren’t achieved when you don’t believe in yourself. Surround yourself with positive people, listen to music that lifts you up, and maybe incorporate a couple of mantras throughout your day that help to keep you feeling good. Achieving your dreams is not always about feeling happy all the time. You’re going to run into periods where you’re exhausted and frustrated, but so long as the majority of your time is spent in a positive head-space, you’re probably right on track!

By: Kaya Quinsey

Kaya Quinsey

How to Maintain New Years Goals and Resolutions

How to Achieve your New Years Goals this Year!

How to Achieve your New Years Goals this Year!

Picture this: Your New Year’s resolution was to get fit and healthy. To do this, you vowed to work out each and every morning at 7am. You vowed to eat only salad and healthy foods, and absolutely no junk food. You thought, “if I follow this plan, I will be a new person!” and you were excited to do it.

For the first few days, things were easy! You bounced out of bed each morning excited to get to the gym and feel great. You stayed away from fast food, although it was tempting. You were truly thinking like the person you wanted to become.

But today, on the 12th day, you wake up with a cough. You don’t feel like going to the gym. Your muscles are aching from all the hard work you’ve done so far and you’re tired. You also feel extremely hungry. After an endless back-and-forth in your mind and painful deliberation,you decide that maybe you can have just one day a week off. You never step foot into the gym again.

And so it begins. If this process sounds all too common to you, join the club. Hundreds of thousands of Canadians set New Year’s Resolutions that they don’t keep. So, how do we stay motivated despite the temptation and adversity that comes our way around the second week?

1. Double check your goals: Are they sustainable enough for you to continue throughout the year? If not, it’s not too late to make modifications that are more realistic with your lifestyle. Realistic goals increase your likelihood to stick to the plan and continue until December.

2. Check your support system: Are your friends sabotaging your success by encouraging you to eat fast food? Is your family making fun ofyour goals? If so, they aren’t the right people to spend time with right now. Surround yourself with positive people who unconditionally support your goals.

3. Remind yourself of the end result: Because most resolutions don’t have immediate results, we need to remind ourselves of what we’re working towards. Display a picture of yourself at your goal weight, cut out pictures of your dream vacation destination, or write yourself an offer letter at your dream career. Despite feeling silly, these little tips are proven to increase your motivation.